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The Snake game has been around for more than thirty years now. Snake is a game released during the mid seventies and it has maintained its popularity ever since. It became a classic and in the late nineties a standard game loaded onto most Nokia phones. In this snake game, you as a player, guide a long, snake resembling creature around the screen and collect food or other items. Each time you collect food or other item the tail of the snake grows that much longer. You cannot stop the snake from moving, you can only control the snake's head, and its body follows. The goal of this game is to avoid biting your own tail or hitting into walls. Have loads of fun with this great snake game!!


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The center of our site is the classic Snake game that has been around for very long now. Game that has been loaded as a standard on many Nokia phones. Game that has been played numerous times and revived more than once.


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It seems that snake games will never go to history. The last time I saw one was a serpent on a playing field at the The Sydney Cricket Ground, a sports stadium in Australia, where according to cricketgames247.com cricketers had made a giant beer snake, created by fans stacking thousands of cups together. Than it came to me - there's still hope for snake games.
Anyways, if you stumbled upon this website in search for snakes and other scary creatures, we suggest you move on and visit our next ultra scary project crazyscarygames.com with zombies, monsters,witches and all other undead creatures, since you won't find any of those around here.
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